Feature Friday - Movie Night Essentials

What are everyone's weekend plans? I personally tend to vary week to week... sometimes there's the burst of "let's clean EVERYTHING while I have the chance!" energy, some days it's a day to travel, and some days we just sit around and enjoy the 'nothing' day.  The only thing each of these weekends tend to have in common is movie night.  Pretty much every weekend, there's one night that consists of cuddles on the couch and the whole family sitting down to take in a movie together.

That's why I'm excited to bring you a little snippet of my movie night essentials for your weekend!  (or 'take it easy' weeknight for that matter!).

OOTD - Fake Out

The past few days in the Ozarks have been a total teaser for Fall, people.  It really isn't fair.  Considering I'm one of those people that counts down the days to scarves, boots, and ALL THE LAYERS!  So the fact that it hasn't been totally sweltering at the beginning of August has been kind of nice, but I know it's a fake out for the end of summer.  We still have August, September, and maybe some of October to look forward to what I'm going to now dub the "Ozark Second Summer," full of hot sticky days.

Ah well, at least I have a few days of practice with my layering skills before the Ozark Second Summer sets in!  Vive la layers!